Azlan Yaacob

Azlan Yaacob is the Managing Director of Axile Consulting. He is also an associate of Inno Integrasi with a focus in Industry Development and Global Partnerships. He is TeAM’s Deputy President for Low Carbon Economy and Green Innovation Development.

Azlan provides leadership in crafting unique solutions for programs, governments and companies looking to solidify and to accelerate their growth. He addresses key issues such as incorporating new innovations, restructuring and consolidating existing business operations, while planning for renewal via an integrated approach; with the objective of creating differentiation.

Azlan is an advocate of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). He regularly speaks at events and conferences to create awareness for communities and companies to evolve towards SCP; for moral, economic and social reasons.

Azlan is active in BiotechCorp’s Bioeconomy Transformation Programme (BTP) as the promoter of a key trigger project ‘Bio-Based Farm Inputs’. This project is an example of an SCP that is measurable, traceable and inclusive; with the participation of new innovations in plant health disease management and analytics for digital mapping.

Other areas of involvement include:

1. Cleantech SME Development with MIGHT & UNIDO.

2. Advising CAPEX intensive Biotech and Cleantech clients in corporate development, strategic marketing and fund raising.

3. Pre-M&A business planning for ICT companies towards capacity building.

Azlan was formerly with leading ICT companies where he held regional management positions in product management, business development and sales. These companies include Motorola, Boston Technology and Andersen Consulting. Azlan held expatriate postings in Indonesia, Singapore and France, and is familiar with markets in ASEAN, Australia, South Korea and India. Azlan graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Industrial and Operations Engineering.
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