About Us

WatchTower and Friends (WTF) is a company that is pursuing its vision of building a startup ecosystem that will raise an ever growing number of successful startups. Operating under the tagline 'We Start Things', WatchTower and Friends initiates lines of actions that benefits startups.

The name WatchTower and Friends is inspired by Jimi Hendrix's song 'All Along The Watchtower' A line of the song goes, "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief". WTF cuts through the confusion startups face with programmes that get them to the next level fast.

What We Do

We identify emerging entrepreneurs and interesting startups and rapidly turn them into startups and companies that find the necessary revenue model and funding. Each WTF initiative has its place in the ecosystem which will, in time, become a powerful ecosystem for startup development.


Our core philosophy is that successful startups must grow into viable businesses. We believe that startups must take advantage of learnings from around the world on how to start up startups and move fast to next levels of growth. This is done through initiatives and activities that we run for startups.

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To find out more about our programmes, click on the specific links - WatchTower and Friends Accelerator, Start in 5 Days (S5D) program and Startup Campus Accelerator Lite (SCALe)

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