Planning to launch a startup?

Do you have a business idea but are unsure whether to build it? Are you wondering if you should become an entrepreneur? Then you should apply for the Start in 5 Days (S5D) program

Get To The Starting Line

Don’t leave success to chance. The startup world is merciless and only the most prepared will succeed. Join the Start in 5 Days (S5D) program designed to get you to the Start Line in just 5 days.

On Your Marks!

The S5D program is designed to get your idea into the best possible shape. In just 5 days you will discover if your idea ticks the right boxes. S5D will get you equipped with the right tools for launch. It will sharpen your business idea and lay the framework for a solid launch platform.

Save valuable time and resources. Before you plunge into your startup, use the S5D program to: -

1. Confirm that you have a bankable idea.

2. Check your entrepreneurship DNA

3. Identify your startup needs

4. Build a business plan to take you where you want to go.

5. Perfect your startup investors pitch

Learn The Essentials From Experts

Start in 5 Days (S5D) is filled with valuable content. Over five productive days, seasoned entrepreneurs who have gone through their own startup journeys and experienced coaches with proven track success rates will lead you through an immersive hands-on programme that will prepare you for the challenging world of entrepreneurship.

You won’t find unnecessary jargon or technical terms at our programme; just real entrepreneurs and business experts showing you the ropes in plain easy to understand language.



Day 1 - Being a Startup

The world of entrepreneurship · What’s it like to be an entrepreneur. Real world examples by real entrepreneurs. Common startup mistakes. Hear and learn from entrepreneurs.

What I need to do to become a better entrepreneur. Identify your best five (interests, skills, or previous work experiences). Summarize your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your startup.

Ready to Get to Start? Pitch your idea to us. Face the experts.

Day 2 – Customer Development

Do you have a winning idea? What is your solution? Value proposition. What’s so unique about your idea? Creating your Startup Business Case

Is there a market? Do you know your market? Market Size and Share opportunity analysis. Research the competition.

Product Market Fit. Multiple Customer Segments. Distribution channels.

Market Types Introduction: Existing, Re-segmented, New, Clone.

Consequences of Not Understanding a Market. Is there a real demand for your product? Validating.

Day 3 – Product Development & Marketing

Product Development. Your minimum viable product? Quick test of your ‘product’. Test assumptions. Creating a development roadmap.

Revenue models. Revenue Streams and Pricing. Direct and Ancillary Models. Market Types and Pricing.

Strategy & Branding. Situational Analysis – understanding the market, competitors and the opportunities. Creating a strategy that addresses your best opportunities. Create a competitive edge and weave that into your PR story. Differentiate yourself from others.

Marketing. Identify marketing channels. Advertising and branding your product with little or no budget. Building your first marketing plan.

Day 4 – Operations & Funding

Business plan. Putting everything together. Product/Service Description, Market analysis, Management and Team.

Operating Plan. Implementation timetable. Setting Milestones. Measuring Progress.

Funding. Financial projections. Calculating your launch funding runway. Your Investor Deck. Speaking the investor’s language.

Day 5 – The Pitch

The best pitch deck

What goes into a pitch deck

Common mistakes

Pitching like a Pro

Common investor questions

Demo/Pitch Day - The Starting Line

Here’s your chance to get noticed by those who can take you to the next level. All S5D participants will get an exclusive opportunity to pitch to angels, VCs and government agencies.



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