SCALe or "Startup Campus Accelerator Lite" is WatchTower and Friends' Accelerator Lite program designed specifically for university and college students. It is a 3-day program that will introduce undergraduates to what it takes to start a startup. The SCALe program introduces students to the concept of an accelerator. The SCALe program is flexible. It can be run either at several specific campuses for a period of 3 days or a central program for any university/college student.

The SCALe program is designed with two main objectives:

  1. To create the passion and interest to launch tech related startups
  2. To identify potential entrepreneurs and ideas that can be accelerated into high growth startups

Those who take part in a SCALE can expect to:

  1. Gain a realization of the potential within them.
  2. Appreciate the dynamics of a team in a startup.
  3. Increase their knowledge of the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  4. Understand key concepts and approaches that make startups successful.


SCALe will be held over 3 days.


There is no fee. SCALe is free.


Day 1 - Introduction to the Startup Ecosystem

Day 2 - Building - The Idea, Market, Validation, Funding

Day 3 - The Pitch


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